Everything a

Lion POS is based on smart interface that any restaurant or bar can use it without difficulty. Because is so flexible you can configure Lion POS to meet your precise needs.

Everything a. Меню ресторана. Автоматизация ресторана.

Просто и удобный

Making orders has never been easier. Packed up with functions for Dine In - Pickup up and Delivery, this is all in one solution for the needs of today restaurants and bars.

Просто и удобный. Меню ресторана. Автоматизация ресторана.


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Jump start to ordering. Автоматизация ресторана.
Jump start to ordering

Starting up has never been easier. Create or import your menu and start in no time.

Floor plan. Автоматизация ресторана.
Floor plan

Organize your workspace into multiple areas. Create real-life mockup of your restaurant for more intuitive ordering process and capacity overview.

Официанты и доставка. Автоматизация ресторана.
Официанты и доставка

All in one solution that just works. Amazing management of your active and todo orders.

PWA - Mobile ready. Автоматизация ресторана.
PWA - Mobile ready

It works every where. On PC, Tablet, phone. Big or small screen. Make orders on the go.

Конструктор меню. Автоматизация ресторана.
Конструктор меню

Yes, that is correct. We have the most amazing and complete menu creator. Give it a try and see for your self.

Несколько сотрудников. Автоматизация ресторана.
Несколько сотрудников

Run it on one or more devices. For one or more employees. Synchronization is done in seconds.

Expenses and Income - Profit. Автоматизация ресторана.
Expenses and Income - Profit

Track your expenses, organized by vendor and categories. Then compare with the income made and see your business performance.

Реализация доставки. Автоматизация ресторана.
Реализация доставки

Delivery is not simple. We know that. But with our solution you have a tool to calculate the delivery frees based on different delivery areas.

Move order form table. Автоматизация ресторана.
Move order form table

Jumping from table to table. Yes it happens. No worries. You are covered. Move a complete order from table to table.

Multi language. Автоматизация ресторана.
Multi language

You do not have to install any expensive hardware. We live in cloud, secured area. Yet, we act like local.


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You have Free Unlimited Updates and Premium Support on each package.


Для небольшого ресторана или бара. Вы можете обновить

0 ₽
Полный доступ к инструменту
расходам и прибыли
2000 заказов в месяц
20 позиции в меню
размещение столов
заказы на доставку и в помещении.


Для больших ресторанов и баров. Безлимитный план

1 999 ₽
Полный доступ к инструменту
расходам и прибыли
10000 заказов в месяц
100 позиции в меню
обед в ресторане + заказы на вынос и доставку
специальная поддержка
отмена в любое время
месяц бесплатно (пишите в чат)

Стандарт на год

Получите 2 месяца бесплатно при годовом плане

19 999 ₽
Полный доступ к инструменту
расходам и прибыли
10000 заказов в месяц
100 позиции в меню
обед в ресторане + заказы на вынос и доставку
специальная поддержка
отмена в любое время

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Gabriel Martin
Bistrot Paul Bert, France

"We knew that we need tool like this one. And we finally found it. Managing orders faster than ever."

Emma Müller
Amador, Germany

"No more 30% fee on food delivery platforms. This is super cheap platforms thant saved us ton of money. "

John Smith
Brooklyn Taco, USA

"We where previously chatting with customers on whatsapp so they can order. This is next level."